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Creating Smarter Cities 2011 Conference

This Conference sets out to understand the experiences of municipalities that have signed up to the smart city agenda by studying the efforts made to create a smart people-based innovation network between cities and research centres. It will look at how cities and research centres can be smart in delivering electronic services to citizens, and explore what are the top-level issues emerging from the government-led, media-driven and transformational orientated debate over the way ahead.

Day 1 – Visions of Smart Cities – afternoon of June 30th

  • Session 1: Storylines
  • Session 2: emerging scenarios
  • Session 3: emerging strategies

Day 2 – Regional innovation systems, e-service developments, and the emerging e-government agenda

  • Regional innovation system (morning of day 2 ‘“ parallel session)
  • e-service developments (morning of day 2 ‘“ parallel session)
  • the emerging e-government agenda (afternoon of day 2)
  • the way ahead (open session)



  • Amsterdam Innovation Motor
  • Edinburgh
  • Manchester MDDA


  • CapGemini
  • IBM

Government bodies:

  • IPTS, European Commission
  • Scottish Enterprise
  • Scottish Government


  • Loet Leydensdorff, Amsterdam University
  • Nicos Komninos, Aristotle University, Thessaloniki
  • Mark Deakin and Peter Cruickshank, Edinburgh Napier University
  • Peter Nijkamp, Free University, Amsterdam
  • Krassimera Paskaleva, Manchester University
  • Elke van Soom, MEMORI
  • Rudolf Giffinger, TU Wien/smart-cities.eu

Online registration is now available at epractice.eu. Please contact us if you have any questions about the conference or registration.


Edinburgh Napier University

Conference venue

The conference will be held in the Royal Society of Edinburgh, on George Street in central Edinburgh.

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