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Video: City As A Platform

Rachel Sterne, Chief Digital Officer for NYC, in a recent PSFK Conference, discusses her hopes for the integration of digital platforms into city life and interactions with city government, while pointing out what NYC.gov has already accomplished.

In her talk, Sterne demonstrated recent innovations that are shaping the city’ s future. Mentioning how city resident participation is crucial with a real-time approach, attendees were shown “The Daily Pothole,’ a Tumblr that tracks the D.O.T.’ s progress in filling potholes in the five boroughs and its companion app, the roll-out of QR code technology on building permits, the NYC 311 app, as well as fielding service requests via Twitter.

PSFK website summarizes Sterne’s presentation:

  • The potential for creativity and digital innovation in municipal government
  • The city’ s digital innovations democratize and decentralize the flow of information, allowing collaborative problem solving between citizens, themselves, and government
  • NYC.gov annual traffic is on track to eclipse Central Park’ s
  • NYC’ s existence as a mine of data that marketers and developers have a multifaceted interest in integrating and engaging with

Via: PSFK – City As A Platform [VIDEO]

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