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Valleys of Silicon Valley

The San Jose Mercury News has an excellent article describing the 8 major sub-valleys of Silicon Valley that are focal points for specific industries or activities: Ventureland, Social Mediaville, Biotechboro, the Incubator, Startup Central, Sprawl City, Factory Town and Software City. Each valley is described by place, what makes it special, notable names, notable number, and interesting facts.


  1. Ventureland: The Sand Hill Road in Menlo Park. The world headquarters of the VC industry.
  2. Social Mediaville: The San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood, or SoMa. The young, hip and creative help the geeks at the hot social media companies.
  3. Biotechboro:The South San Francisco. The biotech industry was born here. Or was it spliced?
  4. The Incubator: In Palo Alto. Students and professors wander off the Stanford campus, hatch their companies and move on.
  5. Startup Central: In Mountain View. Young companies flock here, partly to be near that big search engine company.
  6. Sprawl City: In North San Jose / Santa Clara. When companies hit middle age and want to loosen their belts a little, they settle here.
  7. Factory Town: In Fremont where companies manufacture things.
  8. Software City: In Redwood City. Thanks to heavyweights Oracle and Electronic Arts, this is a programmers’ haven.

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