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IBM Redbooks: Smarter Cities Series

IBM publishes a series of papers explaining various aspects of the company’ s Smarter Cities strategy: 1. A Foundation for Understanding IBM Smarter Cities, 2. Understanding the IBM Approach to Efficient Buildings, and 3. Introducing the IBM City Operations and Management Solution.

A Foundation for Understanding IBM Smarter Cities

Smarter city component diagram

This guide provides insight into the IBM Smarter Cities vision and explains how information and technology can help make cities smarter. It focuses on the foundation that is used to build a smarter city. It also explains how data and information found at all levels of the city are critical to understanding and making good decisions for the city and its citizens. This guide delves into the issues around data including the sharing of information and ensuring that individual and business data is secured. It also provides a high-level architecture and ideas that will help in the transformation of cities.

In addition, this guide identifies various city domains and addresses how to create an integrated city environment. Plus it describes the problems inherent to cities and outlines the technology solutions to help cities.

Understanding the IBM Approach to Efficient Buildings

Architectural elements of the solution

This publication helps IT architects, city officials, building managers and owners understand ways to achieve Smarter Building concepts. It introduces the IBM Intelligent Building Management solution and other key solutions that IBM has available. This guide provides high-level architectures for these solutions, including key components and capabilities. This guide also highlights the linkages between partners, cities, and other external systems that influence building operations. This guide explains how real-time data can be seamlessly integrated with facilities management to assist owners and building management manage space, energy and operations.

Introducing the IBM City Operations and Management Solution

System diagram of interaction between city entities

This publication helps city officials and IT architects understand the technical principles of a city operations center. This guide introduces the core value proposition of an automated operations center. In the context of this guide, an operations center is an intelligent tool that provides access to information and capabilities, enabling city officials to manage and improve its operations. This guide describes the capabilities that an operations center provides to a city.

This series includes also the following guides, which will be available soon:

  • Understanding the IBM Approach to Water Management
  • Understanding the IBM Approach to Traffic Management
  • Understanding the IBM Approach to Public Safety
  • Understanding the IBM Approach to Energy Innovation

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