Urenio Watch Watch: Intelligent / Smart Cities Solutions

Oracle’ s Solutions for Smart Cities

Oracle provides a fully integrated, policy-driven, set of automated business processes, which straddle heterogeneous platforms and fragmented protocols, fully supporting modern municipal operations across back-office and front-office operations for all constituent services and city assets along with the tools necessary for you to determine which programs are effective and how to quantitatively justify funding them to your constituents and regional and central government organizations.

Oracle’ s Solutions for Smart Cities outlines the company’s general industry direction. It includes technologies and applications that consolidate already-complex IT infrastructures, rationalize service delivery processes, and support current and future operational systems, as well as supplying an intelligence layer to monitor performance and improve service delivery, program planning, and budgeting.

Oracle aims to build an integrated, efficient and transparent service delivery platform across all programs covering all services delivered to business, citizens, and municipal employees. A platform with the intelligence embedded in it to provide transparency and accountability, a mapping of the existing and required connection points between operational processes and programs that can support transformation of day-to-day information and transactions into the priorities of tomorrow’ s focused and integrated programs.

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