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Innovation Union Competitiveness Report 2011

The Innovation Union Flagship Initiative is at the core of the Europe 2020 strategy guiding Europe towards a more competitive, sustainable and inclusive economy. It sets out how Europe will tackle smart growth objectives through a strategic approach integrating research and innovation instruments.

To this end, a three-tier monitoring framework has been developed constituted of:

  • Headline objectives: One of the five headline objectives in the Europe 2020 strategy is to improve the conditions for research  and development, in particular with the aim of raising combined public and private investment levels in this sector to 3 % of GDP.
  • A performance scoreboard: The Innovation Union Scoreboard (IUS) was published in early 2011 and will be updated annually to provide comparative benchmarking of EU and Member State performance against 25 core R&I indicators and, for 12 of them, against major international partners.
  • An analytical strategic report: On the causes and remedies for insufficient performance, including  an in-depth statistical and economic analysis covering the main features of an efficient and socially effective research and innovation system, and constitute a key tool for evidence-based policy making in the context of the Innovation Union.

The 2011 Innovation Union Competitiveness report monitors progress towards the EU and national R&D headline targets and provides economic evidence and analysis to underpin EU and national policy making in support of Innovation Union.

The report was prepared under the leadership and policy guidance of Pierre Vigier, Head of Unit for Economic Analysis and Indicators, Johan Stierna was the overall coordinator and was responsible for the analytical perspective of the report.

Executive summary and key findings

Download the full report (42,8 MB)