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Intelligent X on Future Cities

In building a city of the future, IT will have an underlying role to play in the context of sustainable urbanization as well as the larger context of economic growth and environment sustainability. The adoption of hardware, software and services in this new light gives way to the creation of a new IT ecosystem which IDC refers to as “Intelligent X‘.

IDC white paper (June 2011) defines Intelligent X as a technology ecosystem that integrates the following three areas:

  • Smart devices (involving M2M/telemetry capabilities)
  • High-speed ubiquitous communications networks
  • Intelligent software and services to process, consolidate and analyze data in order to transform industry-specific business processes.

At the core of Intelligent X solutions are three key enablers: (1) increased computational power available through high-performance chipsets and hardware, as well as high-performance networks, (2) improved maturity in business intelligence and analytics solutions; and (3) the introduction of new delivery models like cloud computing.

In order to plan, design, implement and operate an Intelligent X ecosystem, at the city or community of the future, many disciplines and expertise will be needed and carefully coordinated. Many of these core competencies will need to be provided from partnerships comprising architecture firms, real estate planning, construction companies, telecom SPs, ICT systems integrators, and end-user device manufacturers to name a few, plus a host of companies with expertise in verticals such as healthcare, logistics, transportation, and emergency services.

Source: CISCO (whitepaper sponsor)


IDC Whitepaper-Intelligent X


IDC-Whitepaper-Intelligent-X: Delivering Next-Generation Citizen Services: Assessing the Environmental, Social and Economic
Impact of Intelligent X on Future Cities and Communities