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Intelligent Cities, CIT 2011

The 11th IEEE International Conference on Computer and Information Technology  (CIT 2011, Paphos, Cyprus, August 31 – September 2) which  just has been concluded offered a full program over three days and included a keynote speech on Intelligent cities: “A Smart World: A Development Model for Intelligent Cities” by Dr Azamat Abdoullaev, EIS Encyclopedic Intelligent Systems.

The 21st century smart sustainable development suggests the wholly new principles, strategies, and elements of sustainable living: a new set of eco-intelligent world strategies, models, policies, and solutions. It’ s when the sustainable world’ s intelligent urbanism is synergistically driven by natural capital, social capital and digital capital, like as the Internet/Web of Things, Knowledge and Social Intelligence and Renewable Energy Sources.

A genuine sustainable community is consistently defined as digitally smart, socially intelligent, and ecologically sustainable.

At the global level, the Smart World is modeled as a Smart Eco Planet of intelligent sustainable communities: countries, regions, cities, towns, villages, districts, and neighborhoods. The Smart Eco Planet is then all as about intelligent communities, smart natural ecosystems, digital smart economy, intelligent people, digital smart governance, smart transport and intellectual ICTs, eco-environments, eco-smart living and creative working in intelligent eco-buildings, cities, regions, countries, and global knowledge ecosystems.

A true Smart Sustainable City is accordingly redefined as an urban entity or city pattern with three critical parts/layers/levels/spaces, all planned, developed and managed as its integrated elements:

  • Digital/ICT/Hi-Tech/Ubiquitous/Cyber City (Digital/Information Capital; Multi-Play Telecom Network, ICT spaces/systems/applications, Ubiquitous Computation, Network-integrated Real Estate, Virtual Lifestyle);
  • Sustainable/Ecological/Green/Zero-Carbon/Zero-Waste/Eco Friendly/Solar City (Natural Capital; Green Energy Network, Real Eco Estate, Green Lifestyle);
  • Knowledge/Learning/Innovation/ /Intelligent/Science/Intellectual/LivingLab/Creative/Human City/Noopolis (Knowledge Capital; Knowledge Triangle/Square/Grid/Ecology, Intelligent/Smart Lifestyle).
  • Modeled as the fully sustainable city, the Smart/Intelligent Eco City’ s concept, design, planning and implementation is moving further on the Europe 2020 strategic priorities of smart sustainable and inclusive growth.

Download the paper: A Smart World-A Development Model for Intelligent Cities

Source: CIT 2011