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Lift videos about smart / future cities

Lift website published videos from Lift France 11 conference. The event was about current and emerging use of digital technologies and their effects on innovation, societal and economic transformation. Four of these videos are related to smart / future cities.

Saskia Sassen “The Future of Smart Cities”

A leading researcher on globalization, global cities and new technologies Saskia Sassen discusses the current hype around smart cities. She reminds us that “It is the need to design a system that puts all that technology truly at the service of the inhabitants’”and not the other way around.’


Adam Greenfield “On public objects: connected things and civic responsibilities in the networked city”

This talk explores some of the issues that emerge around networked information-collecting objects in our public spaces, and to frame a taxonomy of such objects from the unobjectionable (due to local effect and a clear public good associated with them) to those that ought to be causing us significant concern (no public benefit, global impact, pernicious second-order effects).


Robin Chase “Building the cities of the future: People empowered (by technology)”

Cities were once constructed by the efforts of individuals, until the grand plans of master architects, and then city planning departments took over, making sense of the “chaos.” The city of the future will be both globally connected and highly local and customized — once again shaped primarily by the individuals living within it. This new power will include sustainable local economies and be thanks to the miracle of the Internet combined with fast, easy access it to through ubiquitous mobile devices and sensors throughout our environment.


Alain Renk “Unlimited cities”

Alain Renk describes “Unlimited Cities”, a participatory platform used by architect to enable citizens to change their neighborhood. A rapid prototyping tool, this service aims at allowing people to bring their ideas and react to architectural or urbanistic proposals in a situated way.