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Smart Parking

STREETLINE developed a solution for finding available parking places in a city combining a sensor network, applications, and analytics. Users can find a parking space and make a reservation.

The solution is based on parking sensors which are self-powered, rugged, and completely wireless. Each sensor contains an array of different sensing components and logic to manage the collection of data at the individual parking space. Two types of sensors are available: The Surface Mount Sensor is designed for lowest cost, rapid deployment, and protrudes approximately an inch above the pavement. The Embedded Sensor is fixed in the pavement and designed for snow-plowed areas where surface mounted sensors would interfere with snow clearing.

An ultra-low power mesh networks connect sensors without wiring for power or communications. The network is built using a series of easy to install “repeaters’ that are placed on streetlights, telephone poles and the like to form a canopy above the targeted area. These repeaters then relay all the data from the sensors and meters via the Internet to mirrored data centers. The entire system is modular and scalable to support any size deployment, from 100 to 50,000 nodes and beyond.

The sensors gather and transmit street-level information to servers, where it feeds into a suite of applications for drivers, operators and policy managers.

Source: Streetline