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Report: The Future of Real-Time

Prepared for the United Nations Global Pulse team, PSFK’ s Future of Real-Time Report identifies key trends emerging around the capture and transmission of real-time information streams. Communities and organizations can learn from the themes in PSFK’ s Future of Real-Time report to create new solutions that support the care and well-being of the world’ s population.

Evolving data-rich technologies are providing organizations, governments and businesses with a rapid way to monitor the well-being of communities and individuals without significant infrastructure or spend. For organizations whose success is dependent on the ability to quickly recognize and react to high-risk situations, the proliferation of rapid access to “good enough’ information is proving invaluable.

The report highlights insights on trends as well as highlights specific case studies and concrete examples of innovative projects and programs.


Key Implications
Key Trends
1. Human Sensor Networks
2. Personal Census
3. Social Sentiment
4. See Something, Text Something
5. Mobile Communities
6. Instant Mapping
7. Context Cartography
8. Timeline Narratives
9. Intelligent Infrastructure
10. Networking Nature
11. Data Democracy

This report has been developed for the United Nations Global Pulse, a project whose goal is to support governments in understanding what is happening to their most vulnerable populations in real-time

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