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Smart Cities Platform

Libelium announced the completion of its Smart Cities Platform with sensors allowing to monitor city pollution, noise, buildings structural condition, and waste management. These sensors may be combined with previously available sensor boards for monitoring gas, radiation, traffic and parking. A comprehensive solution is feasible integrating all these areas on the Smart Cities platform.

The new sensor board includes four new sensors:

  • A noise sensor detected sound pressure level. This sensor can be used to detect noise from traffic and people. It is suitable for creating a real-time noise map of a city.
  • A particulate matter (dust) sensor for measuring PM-10 concentrations. The sensor is capable of measuring concentrations down to 0.1 micrograms per cubic metre.
  • A crack sensor for measuring cracks in public structures such as buildings and bridges. It can detect displacements as small as 10 micrometres as well as oscillations and dilations. This sensor is applicable to Structural Health Monitoring.
  • An ultrasound sensor capable of measuring garbage levels in bins. This can enable waste management services to empty rubbish only from bins that are sufficiently full thus saving time and fuel.

Source: Libelium