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Video: How Open Government is Transforming NYC

New York City Chief Digital Officer Rachel Sterne’ s presentation is a great overview of the city’ s open government work. Sterne gave a keynote speech at this year’s Strata NY conference that explained how data-driven innovation informs New York’s aim to be the nation’s premier digital city.

I’m especially excited to be speaking with you because as a city, we need your help,” said Sterne to the assembled Strata attendees. “As the data practitioners and data scientists who are at the forefront of this revolution, all of our efforts are for naught if you are not part of them and not helping us to expand them and helping to really take advantage of all of the resources that the city of New York is trying put at your disposal.

New York City’s digital strategy is focused on access to technology, open government, engagement and industry. “Industry is important because we need to make sure the private sector has all the supports it needs to grow and thrive and help to create these solutions that will help the government to ultimately better serve the public,” said Sterne.

Open government is important because if our data and our internal structure and priorities aren’t completely open, we’re not going to be able to enable increased [open] services, that kind of [open] exchange of information, etc. Engagement is crucial because we need to be constantly gathering feedback from the public, informing and serving. And access is the foundation because everyone needs access to these technologies.

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