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Smart Energy Grid

AT&T in cooperation with Cooper Power Systems offer to utility companies a smart grid solution that operates on wireless data network. Smart grids combine “smart meters”, wireless technology, sensors and software so consumers and utilities can closely monitor energy use and cut back when the availability of electricity is stretched to its limit.

The solution includes the following components:

  • Smart meters, a low cost sensor alternative to manual inspection of equipment that controls the voltage supplied to consumers, which helps to reduce costly and time consuming on-site inspections.
  • The Intelligent network is able to drive data collection and monitoring in real time from the homes of customers to the boardroom of the energy provider.
  • Data storage of massive amounts of data from the smart grid which can be assessed in real time
  • Data security with 24/7 data analysis and continual testing of methods for automated detection of network threats
  • Data management and analytics of energy usage, cost saving opportunities, and online bill presentation.

The IP-based smart grid model ultimately helps consumers understand the economics of their consumption patterns so they can make intelligent decisions about their power consumption. The smart grid technology will also help to enhance reliability and energy efficiency, lower power-line losses and provide utilities with the ability to remotely automate
service, providing cost-savings for consumers.

Source: Smart Grid Technologies from At&T