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From Intelligent to Smart Cities: Using “Communities of Practice”

This paper of Mark Deakin (Edinburgh Napier University, UK) is chapter of the book “City Competitiveness and Improving Urban Subsystems: Technologies and Applications” (IGI Global, October 2011) and develops the notion of the intelligent city as the smart provider of electronically-enhanced services.

Set within the ongoing debate about competitive cities, it identifies how the growing interest in the notion of intelligent cities has led universities to explore the possibilities of using ‘˜communities of practice’ (CoPs) as a way of drawing upon the work-based learning such knowledge-based organizations offer to be smart in developing integrated models of e-government (eGov) services. It reports on the attempts made by a consortium of leading European cities to use the intelligence of CoPs as the organizational means to be smart in developing models of eGov services capable of integrating the e-learning needs, knowledge transfer requirements, and capacity building commitments of their socially-inclusive and participatory urban regeneration programmes.

Source: IGI Global

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