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Top US Digital Cities for 2011

The winners of 2011 Digital Cities Survey, which spotlights the municipalities that best show how information and communication technology are used to enhance public service, announced by Center for Digital Government and Government Technology magazine.

The top 10 cities are selected in four different population categories and judged on the criteria of enterprise applicability or impact across multiple program areas, measurable progress from the prior year, hard dollar savings or soft dollar benefits as a result of technology use, innovation and a demonstration of effective collaboration.

The Winners

The city and county of Honolulu, Hawaii, Olathe, Kan., Roseville, Calif. and Eden Prairie, Minn. received first place rankings.

In cities with populations of 250,000 or more, the city and county of Honolulu, Hawaii, took top-billing in the 2011 Digital Cities Survey. One of their most innovative projects that helped them capture first place is Kokua Wireless, a free island-wise municipal Wi-Fi Internet service installed without taxpayer money.

Olathe took home the top spot in this year’ s Digital Cities Survey for populations ranging from 125,000-249,999, thanks in part to a number of cost-saving and engagement projects.

Roseville’ s place at the top of the 75,000-124,000 population category in the Digital Cities Survey is due largely to its new IT governance model and redesign.

Consolidation efforts were a large part of the reason Eden Prairie took first place in the 30,000-74,999 population category. The city has been knee-deep in application integration, service customization and hardware consolidation projects which have improved service delivery throughout the city.

The Top-10 Digital Cities Rankings (by population)

250,000 or more:

1st ‘” City and County of Honolulu, Hawaii
2nd ‘” Seattle, Wash.
3rd ‘” Metropolitan Gov’ t of Nashville & Davidson County, Tenn.
4th ‘” Aurora, Colo.
4th ‘” Chicago, Ill.
5th ‘” Corpus Christi, Texas
6th ‘” El Paso City and County, Texas
7th ‘” Riverside, Calif.
8th ‘” Boston, Mass.
9th ‘” Baltimore, Md.
9th ‘” Long Beach, Calif.
9th ‘” Virginia Beach, Va.
10th ‘” Fort Worth, Texas
10th ‘” Louisville Metro Government, Ky.
10th ‘” San Antonio, Texas

125,000 ‘“ 249,999:

1st ‘” Olathe, Kan.
2nd ‘” Winston-Salem, N.C.
2nd ‘” Salt Lake City, Utah
3rd ‘” Alexandria, Va.
3rd ‘” Hollywood, Fla.
4th ‘” Irving, Texas
5th ‘” Augusta, Ga.
6th ‘” Hampton, Va.
7th ‘” Chesapeake, Va.
8th ‘” Chula Vista, Calif.
9th ‘” Madison, Wis.
10th ‘” Modesto, Calif.

75,000 ‘“ 124,999:

1st ‘” Roseville, Calif.
2nd ‘” Lynchburg, Va.
3rd ‘” Pueblo, Colo.
4th ‘” Arvada, Colo.
5th ‘” Ann Arbor, Mich.
5th ‘” Simi Valley, Calif.
6th ‘” Thornton, Colo.
7th ‘” Avondale, Ariz.
8th ‘” Roanoke, Va.
8th ‘” Westminster, Colo.
9th ‘” West Palm Beach, Fla.
10th ‘” High Point, N.C.
10th ‘” Independence, Mo.
10th ‘” Santa Monica, Calif.

30,000 ‘“ 74,999:

1st ‘” Eden Prairie, Minn.
2nd ‘” Carson City Consolidated Municipality, Nev.
3rd ‘” North Port, Fla.
4th ‘” Danville, Va.
5th ‘” Jupiter, Fla.
6th ‘” Schaumburg, Ill.
7th ‘” Fayetteville, Ark.
8th ‘” Town of Manchester, Conn.
9th ‘” New Berlin, Wis.
10th ‘” Flower Mound, Texas

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