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MESH Cities

MESH Cities explores the wireless systems empowered, 21st Century city through the eyes of its super-users. These are the people who are embracing the new communications and infrastructure tools that will determine the ultimate livability of the modern city. The growing ubiquity of high-speed wireless connections allows people to experience the city in ways never before possible. More than that, they can contribute their ideas about how to make our cities more accommodating and responsive .

MESH is an acronym for M=Mobile (mobile devices and the networks that support them provide the bottom-up, real-time information), E=Efficient (efficient use of resources), S=Subtle (invisible and non-intrusive a systems), H=Heuristics(heuristics-based continuous improvement)

New, Internet-based technologies allow for real-time management of city systems in ways never before possible. The technological foundations today’s “MESH” cities are built on improve their efficiency. At the same time wireless feedback and information management systems make big cities as responsive to real-time, individual needs as the towns our grandparents grew up in.

MESH Cities is creating a community of smart cities cases, green cities, solutions by companies, people initiatives, academic research organisations, and online magazines.

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