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SmartCity Santander

Smart Santander is a large experimental facility in the city of Santander in northern Spain funded from the Future Internet Research (FIRE) of FP7-ICT. Santander is developing a network of 12,000 sensors and devices embedded into the physical space of the city. A sensor network spreads through out the urban space: sensors, actuators, tags and readers are embedded into city infrastructure; utilities for power, water, gas, waste; buildings and houses; transport infrastructure on roads, rail, interchange points; mobility elements in vehicles and goods. Embedded devices connect over a common IP infrastructure using cellular, radio meshed networks, and available broadband. The facility is open to researchers, end users, and service providers to test architectures and enabling technologies, pilot applications, the interaction and management of protocols, and support services such as discovery, identity management and security, and the social acceptance of services related to the Internet-of-Things.

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Source: YouTube