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Smart Cities in Denmark

State of Green, the official green brand for Denmark, presents Danish smart cities and the profiles, solutions and products that are contributing to ensuring that the urban development projects are carried out in a smart manner.

Danish cities hold a long tradition of taking a holistic approach to urban development, where the concern for the environment, people and businesses go hand in hand. The two largest cities in Denmark, the City of Copenhagen and the City of Aarhus have both set ambitious goals to become CO2 neutral by 2025 and 2030, respectively. Many other cities and municipalities have also set out ambitious plans for sustainable developments.

Special mention is made to the project of Nordhavnen. Contributing to realizing the vision of becoming the world’ s first carbon neutral capital, the City of Copenhagen has launched one of the most extensive and most ambitious urban development projects in Scandinavia – Nordhavnen. The project spearheads efforts to improve climate conditions and show how cities can help reverse climate change without losing out on quality of life, welfare and democracy.

Renewable energy and new types of energy, optimal use of resources, recycling of resources and sustainable transport will help make Nordhavnen a model for sustainable development and design.

The development of Nordhavnen is based on close dialogue with residents, future users of the area and other stakeholders to ensure that people in Copenhagen take joint ownership of the new sustainable city district.

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