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Smarter Ideas for a Smarter Planet

The IBM Smarter Planet Leadership Series celebrates the forward thinkers who embraced change and put innovation to work in their organizations, their industries, their world. They each formed a vision, built constituency and transformed the business model. In short, they made a difference. That’s what leaders do.

The following case studies are available:

  • Premier healthcare alliance – How a healthcare alliance transformed itself through informatics for improved operations and patient outcomes
  • Centerstone Research Institute – Smarter clinical decisions help patients and performance
  • Oncor – Electricity distributor Oncor makes energy usage information more transparent and responsive for its customers
  • Mobile County Public Schools – How analytical insights help keep Mobile County students on track
  • Amsterdam Airport Schiphol – How smarter baggage handling helps airport volume take off
  • Grameen Foundation – How technology is helping a microfinancer achieve macro success
  • Hamilton County Department of Education – How education and analytics make ideal partners for better student outcomes
  • Reliance Life Insurance – How Reliance’s business took off in the fast-growing Indian insurance market
  • Bangkok Hospital – How a leading destination hospital personalizes patient care and optimizes decision making
  • Air Canada – How self-service helped an airline transform their brand
  • Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives – How predictive modeling can make food supplies safer
  • Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute – How analytics helps researchers and doctors understand complex hereditary diseases
  • New York State Tax – How predictive modeling improves tax revenues and citizen equity

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