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The latest issue of Google’s Think Quarterly magazine focus on innovation. It presents big ideas from heads of industry, leading experts and Google’s visionaries ‘” all to help guide your own thinking. The editors hopes this gives you inspiration, insight, and some new ideas of your own.


  • Insights with Sir Martin Sorrell – WPP Chief Executive Sir Martin Sorrell talks innovation in a time of anarchy, and why he can’ t work in a garage.
  • The Science of Serendipity – Nurturing innovation can look like a dark art, but the real secret is that it’ s driven by a process any leader can learn. The co-founders of ?WhatIf!, the world’ s largest independent innovation company, explain how.
  • The Eight Pillars of Innovation – Susan Wojcicki, Google’s Senior Vice President of Advertising, offers a Google-eye view on how to stay creative.
  • The Knowledge – Hannah Jones, VP of Sustainable Business and Innovation at Nike, picks 10 people, products, trends and ideas that embody the meaning of disruptive innovation.
  • Next Gen Innovators – Meet five thought leaders whose world has been fundamentally shaped by the digital revolution. Wired, ambitious and truly global, they are breaking down old barriers and reshaping the worlds of business, media, art and activism with their passion and creative innovation.
  • Missions that Matter – From Haiti to Hyderabad, Googlers are innovating with good reason.
  • Room to Think – Innovation consultant Kursty Groves offers a practical guide to transforming your office space into a place that wears its heart on the wall.
  • Innovation Spaces – Three creative companies share their workplace innovation secrets.
  • Practical Magic – Russell Davies may be Head of Planning at Ogilvy & Mather, but in this idiosyncratic guide to the Internet of Things, he argues that the innovation driving it springs from ‘mucking about’ rather than thinking hard.
  • Favourite Innovations – We asked eight industry influencers what innovations they’re most excited about. And they answered.
  • A Rather Pleasant Revolution – Weighed down by vested interests and dressed up in spin, are reforms in the public sector ever true innovations? Andrea Kurland meets Andrew Mitchell, Secretary of State for International Development, and finds unexpected insights in his ‘˜radical’ new approach.
  • Transgressive Man – Prophet, futurist, or catalyst of chaos? Ray Kurzweil believes that innovations in biogenetics and nanotechnology are creating a new future for humanity, but could they just as easily destroy us all?

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