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Barcelona Smart City Tour

“Barcelona Smart City Tour” publication presents 14 key points of interest of the most dynamic and interesting area of the city of Barcelona: 22@Barcelona, the Innovation District. The tour was organised by City Council during the Smart City Expo.

The tour offered to participants an opportunity to discover why Barcelona is a Smart City pioneer, leading innovative and sustainable initiatives for a better quality of life. It covered the following key points of interest:

  1. Media-TIC (Media-ICT) Building – Example of Green Architecture
  2. Underground service galleries – Easy access to service network
  3. FAB LAB Barcelona – Innovation in manufacturing and sustainable architecture
  4. SIIUR project – Integral Solutions for Urban Infrastructures
  5. Sensors for Urban Services – New applications for a better urban quality of life
  6. Biosphere Certification for Barcelona – International sustainable tourist destination
  7. Forum Solar Photovoltaic Installation – An icon of local environmental friendly policies
  8. Integral Waste Management Plant – Waste to energy treatment plant
  9. Districlima – Heating and cooling system
  10. LIVE Barcelona Project – the electric mobility plan for the city
  11. Hotel ME, a Mobec Hotel – Electric motorcycles for tourists
  12. Automated Waste Collection System ‘“ A clean and efficient waste collection
  13. Bicing – Bicycle sharing system
  14. E-Government – For entrepreneurs, businesses and citizens

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