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Special Report: CEO Guide to Smart Cities

Bloomberg BusinessWeek published a series of articles about how data analytics is helping urban areas improve the quality of life by cutting crime, pollution and waste.

The Special Report entitled “CEO Guide to Smart Cities” contains the following articles, video and podcast:

  • IBM Analytics Help Memphis Cops Get ‘Smart’ – Software enabling IBM to find patterns in crime data is one of thousands of so-called smart-city projects aimed at improving urban services around the world
  • Data Analysis Saves Microsoft Energy, Money – Microsoft is using its headquarters as a laboratory for energy-saving analytics that can save money while perhaps building a new market for its products
  • Get Smart: 10 Cities Using Data to Improve the Quality of Life – Facing a huge increase in their populations, cities around the globe are turning to data analytics to help them deal with problems sooner
  • Video: High-Tech Police Department – Memphis has reduced crime with the help of technology. A program called Blue Crush has helped the city analyze crime data and forecast where it will happen next to deter it before it starts
  • Podcast: Stopping Crime Before It Starts – In 2005, the city of Memphis was facing an increase in crime that simply wasn’t responding to conventional policing tactics. Using statistics about crime patterns, the police department began to try to forecast where crime might occur to better deter it

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