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Intelligent Cities – NBM book

Intelligent Cities is a new book edited by Susan C. Piedmont-Palladino, Professor at Virginia Tech’ s Washington Alexandria Architecture Center and published by the National Building Museum. With contributions from experts in research, design, and technology, the book offers an interdisciplinary look at the complex relationship between city form and technology.

In the Forward, Judith Rodin, President of the Rockefeller Foundation, summarizes a main objective of this planning paradigm, that “Truly intelligent cities must go beyond efficiency gained through technology and use technology to mobilize for resiliency’¦New software and information systems can and do help us to better understand things, but only human brains can make the cognitive leaps to recombine ideas and generate the radical innovations to address the most important challenges.’


1. What makes an intelligent city?
2. Technology and cities
3. The invisible city: representing the unseen
4. Designing space, buildings, and inclusion
5. Challenges to change
6. Constructing collaboration
7. Conclusions

Intelligent Cities

Source: National Building Museum