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SeeClickFix Ranks Municipalities

With the launch of its new comparative widget, SeeClickFix announced a new way to rank the responsiveness and activity of local municipalities across the globe. SeeClickFix hopes to encourage greater civic engagement, promote accountability from both governments and residents, and expand the channels available for disseminating public information.

The comparative widget allows municipalities, news outlets, and residents to visually display the civic activity (Activity Score) and responsiveness (Results Score) of their communities directly on their websites. The Activity Score answers the question “How active is your community?’ and is based on the number of the issues, comments, users, and watch areas within specified geographic boundaries’”whether it be a city, neighborhood, or block. The Results Score is based on how many issues have been resolved in that same area.

The comparative widget allows individuals to select the regions they want to compare, from large metropolitan areas like New York City and Chicago to Boston neighborhoods like Beacon Hill and the North End. Once generated, the widget will sort the selected communities by their scores and also include their site statistics. For example, users can see how many comments have been posted or how many issues have been closed.

In conjunction with this feature, SeeClickFix also released its new widget generator to allow for greater functionality and customization of its text and map widgets. Already embedded on hundreds of websites, the map and text widgets put the power of the SeeClickFix platform directly on your website’”publicly communicating and visualizing non-emergency issues from problems like potholes and graffiti to improvements like planting trees and installing bike racks. From platforms like Blogger and Tumblr to news websites like Boston.com and Washington Post Local, anyone can connect with their targeted audiences over the most pressing concerns in their communities through SeeClickFix.

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Via Sustainable Cities Collective