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Local Government Technology Predictions for 2012

US Public Technology Institute (PTI) has identified its list of technology “ins and outs” ‘“ the solutions and practices that will impact the local government marketplace in 2012.

This list is based on interviews that PTI has conducted with local government IT executives as well as representatives of the technology vendor community who work with city and county governments.

CIO as Chief Information Officer CIO as Chief Innovation Officer
E-Government M-Government
Custom software apps Software as a service
Windows 7 Windows 8
Virtual reality Augmented reality
iOS (not really!) Android OS
Netbooks Tablets
PCs Ultrabooks with touchscreens
Power through owning Power through sharing
Proprietary Open Source
Government owned data centers Cloud computing
Outdated emergency plans Energy Assurance Plans
Websites for information Mobile apps for information
Professionalized Consumerized
BYOBottle BYODevice

Many of the topics on this list PTI identified in 2011 and they will gain traction in 2012. Others are new, the result of how local government technology programs have dealt with resource constraints and the consumerization of government services,

said Alan Shark, PTI Executive Director.


Public Technology Institute: What’s Out and What’s In?