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New e-Learning Platform for Sensor Networks

Libelium, a technology leader in wireless sensor solutions for Smart Cities, announces its e-Learning platform which provides training and support to system integrators who need to develop and deploy wireless sensor networks in a short timeframe.

Libelium’ s CTO David Gascón says,

Our sensor platform is extremely easy to use and deploy, however clients generally appreciate additional services’. He explains, “With the e-Learning platform, we are able to solve the client’ s issues as rapidly as possible thus avoiding delays to the development schedule.

Libelium’ s e-Learning platform allows to:

  • Share your webcam and your microphone (VoIP).
  • Share your screen (desktop, applications or programs).
  • Share different kinds of documents (pdf, presentations, docs).
  • Draw or write into these documents or even give the control to other participants.
  • Share files or web links.
  • Share a whiteboard to draw diagrams.
  • Ask questions directly to the teacher. Individual or collective answers.
  • Make polls.
  • Take notes.
  • Private or public chat.
  • Show your state to the teacher (rise your hand, ask for speak louder, etc).

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