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Smart Cities is All About the People

From left, Nova, Slavin and Greenfield CREDIT: BBVAThree renowned experts in the field of city planning: Adam Greenfield of Urbanscale; Nicolas Nova of Near Future Laboratory; and Kevin Slavin of Area Code have presented their vision about smart sities in “Beyond Smart Cities’ event at BBVA’ s Innovation Center.

As the opinno.com summarizes:

Imagine a colony of ants busily going about their lives. Unorganized, chaotic and without central control. However, each ant has an agenda and things end up getting done, not because of a grand plan, but because of small acts that benefit the whole.

All three speakers believe that the current paradigm of Smart Cities must change focus back to the people who inhabit a city. In the end, cities must be for the people, by the people. As Slavin put it, “It’ s the ability to listen that’ s important’’“ not ergonomically-designed, sensor-embedded crosswalks.

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Beyond Smart Cities: It’ s Really All About the People