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Creating Places for People

Creating Places for People  is a collaborative commitment to best practice urban design in Australia. The protocol, which was a result of two years of collaboration between stakeholders and communities in Australia, provides some broad principles for urban design that take into account the unique characteristics of a location, people’ s enjoyment, experience and health, and encourages excellence and collaboration in the design and custodianship of urban places.

It is founded on five pillars: productivity, sustainability, liveability, leadership and design excellence, which altogether form the aim of the protocol: to create productive, sustainable and liveable places for people through leadership and the integration of design excellence.

Creating Places for People is addressed to decision makers and professionals whose actions affect the urban environment and the general public who have an interest in urban design or may be affected by decisions about the built environment.

The quality of our neighbourhoods, towns and cities have a significant impact on our daily lived experience. Quality urban design makes a valuable contribution to our economy, our natural and built environments, and the liveability of our cities. It allows local business to thrive. It attracts people to visit, live and work in a location. It considers the landscape, encourages biodiversity, and incorporates natural ecosystems. It has an important influence on our physical and mental health. It provides opportunities for healthy lifestyles and community interaction.

Source: http://www.urbandesign.gov.au/

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