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Key Innovations for a Sustainable Urban Future

From the renaissance of public space to robotized recycling schemes, Casey Caplowe, co-founder and creative director of GOOD magazine, reveals the big infrastructure ideas and localized innovations that are making cities smarter.

Through infographics on the changing perceptions of the “American dream,’ DIY tutorials for repurposing aluminum cans, and features on micro-insurance in Africa, GOOD’s focus is always on community, and better ways for living in a world that, it is predicted, will see over 50% of the global population living in cities by 2050.

GOOD Ideas for Cities is a project that emerged from events where we have paired designers with urban leaders to see what new kinds of thinking and solutions may emerge

says Caplowe.

Even if ideas are far-fetched, they always lead to provocative conversations about the places we live and how we might improve them, rather than just accepting the status quo.

According to the Caplowe

The idea of a smart city relies on the application of new technologies, but it is about more than new gadgetry. It’ s about cities that work better across all systems. How we create smart cities can be incredibly complex but can also start with small innovations. Cities offer a playground to experiment with how we can make life better on this planet.

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