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Ownership in the Hybrid City

How do we design urban technologies that engage and empower ‘˜publics’ (groups of people) to act on communally shared issues? That is the main theme of a new study launched by The Mobile City and Virtueel Platform. In this study the authors present “ownership’ as an alternative design approach. How can we Design for ‘˜Ownership’ rather than for ‘˜Smart Cities’ .

This study explores the concept of ownership as a design approach for the contemporary city. Digital media technologies are becoming increasingly influential in daily urban life. How can we implement these technologies in such a way that they make and maintain the city as a liveable and vibrant environment? How can we best design urban areas where citizens feel at home, feel empowered to engage with shared issues and interests, and feel a sense of ‘˜ownership’ in these issues? In what ways can the e-culture sector contribute to bolstering a sense of ownership in urban society?

The term ownership is refering to the degree to which city dwellers feel a sense of responsibility for common interests and can take action on them.

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