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Smart Cities Information Priorities

A survey published by the Smart Cities Stakeholders Platform reveal that information related to solutions, technologies and case studies about smart cities are   top information priorities in the EU. The survey gathered 264 responses from most EU countries, representing a good mix of organizations from the ‘˜Public sector’ (31%), ‘˜Industry’ (23%), ‘˜Research Organisations’ (23%), ‘˜Alliances, networks, and civil society’ (14%), and “Media and other’ (9%).

The need of information about solutions and technologies is at the top:

  • “Find smart city solutions, best practices and case studies, relevant to cities” and
  • “Analyses of smart cities technologies, approaches and related policy recommendations”

are top information priorities of respondents, indicating that that information about smart cities programmes, projects and policies across Europe is difficult to find.

Information priorities change with respect to the organization, but again solutions and policies is main concern of all organizations.

Source: European Commission, Smart Cities Stakeholders Platform
The survey: Smart Cities Survey