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Connecting Universities to Regional Growth

DG REGIO   published a guide to improve the involvement of Universities in regional development. The Guide has been prepared by Professor John Goddard of the Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies (CURDS) at Newcastle University (UK), assisted by Louise Kempton.

The guide bridges three knowledge and policy domains ‘“ education, research and innovation – the so called knowledge triangle.   The aim is to promote the active engagement of universities and other higher education institutions in regional innovation strategies for smart specialisation, in cooperation with research centres, businesses and other partners in the civil society. It can also be used by academic and economic partners to explore the benefits they can expect from working together for regional development.

The Guide seeks to:

  • provide an analysis of how universities can impact upon regions and how they can be mobilised for regional economic, social and cultural development.
  • illustrate (by use of examples from around the EU) some of the potential delivery mechanisms that can be used to maximize the contribution of universities to regional growth
  • outline the key success factors in building university/regional partnership, particularly the drivers and barriers on both sides behind such partnership working and how these barriers may be overcome.
  • position potential programmes and interventions within the framework for ERDF support.


It is not an academic publication but a practical tool with recommendations, part of a series of guides prepared in the framework of the Smart Specialisation Platform set up by the Commission for providing methodological assistance and practical guidance to national and regional policy makers involved in designing and delivering innovation strategies for smart specialisation.

Download: Connecting Universities to regional Growth – A practical guide

Source: Inforegio-Newsroom