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Video: How Do You Innovate The Process Of Social Innovation?

Rob Shelton is the managing director of the San Jose office of PwC, and a student of how organizations can innovate. Examining what drives the best new ideas in organizations, Shelton also has simple questions to break down measuring the often hard-to-quantify aspects of innovation.

  • First, inputs: Do you have the right people, materials, and ideas to tackle the problem?
  • Second, process: Is the team generating enough ideas, are you picking the best ones, are they being implemented quickly enough?
  • Third, outputs: Are the ideas turning into concrete projects, and are you getting results?
  • And, finally, outcomes: Is there a net benefit to society (though remember the difference between outcome and impact)? For any organization looking to affect change in innovative ways, these questions can be key.

The video is part of a series on prominent social innovators, convened by PwC during the 2011 Social Innovation Summit and discussing their work that we’ ll be hosting on Co.Exist web.

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