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Barcelona to Measure Smart City IQ

Barcelona technology leaders are developing what they call a City Protocol, in order to measure a city’s “IQ”, by evaluating both the efficiency and quality of city projects, processes and policies in a way that promotes progress with sustainability in mind. The City Protocol is being designed as a blueprint that is suitable for any city in the world, and it has already been endorsed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Barcelona is following a long-term plan for transforming itself into a global reference model for sustainable urban development and the economic engine for Southern Europe. By following the City Protocol, Barcelona is becoming the first city worldwide to measure the degree of sustainability and the capacity to generate a higher quality of life for its citizens.

Some of the new smart services tested in Barcelona with the help of the City Protocol are:

  • “Pay per light,’ in which the city pays for lumens ‘” a measure of light output ‘” instead of a fixed number of street lights.
  • Self-sufficient city blocks for energy, guided by a holistic map of energy usage across the community.
  • Real-time energy monitoring and analysis for Barcelona’ s 2,000 public buildings.
  • Maximized collection and use of rainwater and groundwater.
  • A smart bus network that provides real-time information to citizens.
  • Sensor-enabled parking that provides real-time information about available spaces.
  • An “internet of the neighborhood’ that uses embedded information systems to promote social interaction.

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