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Guangzhou Intelligent City Strategy

As one of the central cities of China and core cities of the Pearl River Delta, Guangzhou has long been the top choice for multinationals for investment deployment in China since China’s reform and opening-up. The Development Plan of the Pearl River Delta (2008-2020)   gave Guangzhou new roles as China’s central city as well as a comprehensive portal city and a regional culture & education center.

Now, Guangzhou is adopting an intelligent city strategy based on the development of three hubs:

  • An international information communication hub that involves national and international telecommunication inlets and outlets, and national telecommunication and Internet exchange centers;
  • A technological innovation hub that brings together high-caliber innovation talents, develops core technologies and industries of an intelligent city, and becomes international knowledge innovation and technical innovation center that pioneers the technical development, application and innovation of an intelligent city; and
  • An information service hub that focuses on developing intelligent service industries such as e-commerce, Internet and mobile Internet, digital family, and fashionable and creative design, and builds an information release and intelligent service hub.

Xie Xuening, Director-General of Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Science and Information Technology, said that Guangzhou should introduce and foster an array of high-caliber talents supporting the development of an intelligent city, make breakthroughs in and master some core technologies, hasten new processes, products, applications, services and business types, cultivate some internationally competitive leading enterprises based on innovation and knowledge, build up new-generation international hubs of Internet and urban operation sensing facilities and intelligent processing systems, achieve the goals of high concentration of intelligent technologies, high-end development of the intelligent economy and facilitation of intelligent services.

In addition, the “Intelligent Guangzhou” project will promote intelligent technologies in social security, medical care, education, food and drug traceability and other areas to protect and improve people’s living standard and quality of life. More intelligent homes, intelligent buildings, intelligent communities and intelligent water network, intelligent environment projects will be built to create eco-friendly living environment for the citizens.

Source: Guangzhou International