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El Paso to follow promising smart growth plan

It may not sound like the most likely candidate for the list of the most efficient smart cities worldwide, but El Paso, Texas, the 19th largest US city, has embarked on a large, comprehensive and ambitious plan aiming towards smart growth and green development. El Paso has significant economic importance, a critical geographical position as a border city and rich cultural history, yet at the same time it is plagued by a number of problems such as sprawling recent development patterns, alarming rates of land consumption, and carbon pollution.

However, the city constructed Plan El Paso during the last couple of years, and this plan is one of the most promising ones in the United States. The plan aspires to successfully combine design and attractiveness in the urban environment with functionality, sustainability and efficiency! The main focus areas of the plan are reinvestment in downtown El Paso, transit-supportive infill development, revitalization of older neighborhoods, balanced transportation costs, strategic suburban retrofits, sustainable economic development, and respect for nature. Plus, the Plan takes into account the special challenges and opportunities presented by the city’s strategic location right on the US-Mexican border as well as by the presence of a large military installation.

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