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Green Economy Forum to explore smart city opportunities

The Green Economy Forum, due to be held in Dublin on March 28, is a perfect opportunity for clean-tech and sustainability experts from Dublin, Madrid and Vienna to share their insights. The forum is hosted by Dublin’s Chamber of Commerce. Participants will be looking at the great number of green business opportunities that city counsils and businesses can capitalise on in order to become leaner and more efficient.

During the forum, representatives from the city councils of Madrid, Vienna and Dublin are expected to report the positive results of their ongoing sustainable development programmes, which are already providing a number of environmentally friendly smart city solutions to the environmental issues of those cities. At the same time, a representative of the IBM Smarter Cities Technology Centre in Dublin will talk about the technical, economic and cultural challenges of trying to make a city smarter, as well as about the technology overload faced by companies who are looking for smarter building solutions.

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