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Identifying Key Personalities of Innovators

Forbes-insightIn her latest article in Forbes Brenna Sniderman presents a study where more than 1,200 executives in Europe across a range of topics and themes have been surveyed with a purpose of defining innovation personalities. Using a series of questions about their attitudes, beliefs, priorities and behaviors, coupled with a look at the external forces that can either foster ‘“ or desiccate ‘“ an innovative environment, a picture emerged of five key personality types the play a role in the innovation cycle.

Forbes Insights is the custom research division of Forbes Media. According to the research the following five key personalities of Innovators have been identified:

  • Movers and Shakers
  • Experimenters
  • Star Pupils
  • Controllers
  • Hangers-On

Another interesting thing with this article are the comments so is recommended to spare some time and go through them.

Read the whole article on Forbes.com | Leadership | 3/21/2012 @ 4:31PM |498,964 views