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Developing Congestion Solutions in the UK

UK government and industry are working together to develop smart solutions for traffic congestion, and with good reason. Government figures estimate that by 2030 road use will have grown by 25-30 percent, maximising the negative effects of pollution and congestion, and the dangers in road safety.

A summit held last week (26/4) on “intelligent mobility”  hosted by the joint government/industry Automotive Council has put these problems and the business opportunities at the top of the agenda.  The UK has a good track record in the development of new technologies and world-class specialist businesses and the summit will focus on how to exploit this talent.

A number of UK companies including automotive manufacturers, fleet operators, IT and communications specialists and infrastructure providers will attempt to find way to attract foreign investment for their solutions against congestion, as well as use these solutions to boost the UK economy. Some of the ideas put forward include intelligent cars that are able to navigate through the traffic to their destinations, with increased safety and lower carbon emmissions. At the same time, the government is aiming to make the UK into the technology hub of Europe. It is hoped that the establishment of major intelligent projects such as  the Transport Systems and Future Cities Catapult Centres, will allow greater cooperation between leading UK businesses, innovators and academics.

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