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The Future of the City

Design Mind presents a special digital issue exclusively on the future of urban living. According to magazine the adoption of ubiquitous computing, mobile devices, and rich sources of data are changing how we live, work, and play in urban environments. Increasingly, a digital landscape overlays our physical world and is expanding to offer ever-richer experiences that augment’”and in some cases, replace’”the physical experience: “The city is the platform, the network, the sensors, and the interface,’ as frog creative director Rob McIntosh put it in a recent talk.


Biking in the Future Cities
How are bicycles shaping our culture and our environment?
The Networked Urban Environment
The future of transportation is more than a good parking spot.
The Temporary City

Our shifting desires and social behavior will dictate the city of the future’ s fluid design.

>Green Acres
Turning New York City’ s empty lots into environmental oasises.
The Connected City
Discussing technology’s role in transforming the urban landscape with Mathieu Lefevre.
Pedal Revolution
Bicycles have already become an essential part of our culture, but now they’ re shaping our urban and social spaces too.
The Future of Cities
In this video, frog Creative Director Scott Nazarian explores how software shapes the flow of the urban environment.
Mapping Urban Adventures
Emerging maps and apps are catalyzing new social behavior for city dwellers.
Hope for Future Cities
In this video, Urbanscale Director Adam Greenfield argues that all cities are already “smart,’ but it is up to us to build systems to capture that intelligence.
Urban Design Gets Sticky
Interactive street art makes local citizens placemakers.
The Urbaneers
TED Fellow Mitchell Joachim and Planetary ONE are going beyond green to re-engineer Brooklyn.
Tech And The City
Chief Digital Officer Rachel Sterne aims to make New York the “world’ s top-ranked digital city.’
Visible Cities
Writer Rebecca Solnit uses social cartography to map San Francisco’s urban body.
Future Cities Around the World
In this video, the United Nation’ s Habitat Director Cecelia Martinez discusses the importance of policy in the development of the Megacity of the future.
Cities in the Digital Age
Interaction designers can shape “smart’ urban environments.
A new model for feeding the world’ s expanding cities

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Design Mind: The Future of the City