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Accra to get Intelligent Traffic Management System

Accra, the capital of Ghana, is installing an intelligent traffic management system. The expanding African metropolis will be spending part of a Chinese loan to establish an intelligent system which is expected to stem the perennial traffic congestion the city is suffering from. Ghana’s vice president, Mr Mahama,  explained that a control tower will be built and managed by professionals who will monitor and regulate traffic lights to enhance free flow of vehicles in the city.

The announcement came during the commissioning of 100 new buses  procured by the Metro Mass Transit (MMT) Company Limited.  The buses which were procured through the internally generated funds of the company would be deployed to all the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) to support the existing fleet in their operational areas.

Mr Mahama said the traffic congestion in Accra and other cities was unacceptable and that the establishment of a new traffic management system, coupled with the creation of fast lanes in cities, will tremendously ease the congestion.  He also warned that there would be cameras around all traffic lights in the city to track down traffic offenders in the system and called on drivers to respect traffic regulations to enhance the establishment of the system.

The intelligent traffic management system, along with other measures such as the fast lanes and the improvement of public transport is expected to ease the traffic congestion that is plaguing Ghana’s developing cities and provide quality service to all citizens.

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