Urenio Watch Watch: Collective Intelligence

Collective Intelligence 2012

Videos , presentations and full papers presented in Collective Intelligence 2012 conference at MIT are now online and available for downloading.

“Collective intelligence (CI) is an emerging interdisciplinary field that overlaps with many other disciplines, including computer science, management, network science, economics, social psychology, sociology, political science, and biology (e.g., social insects),’ writes MIT Sloan’ s Thomas Malone who co-chaired the Collective Intelligence 2012 conference. “Here at MIT, for instance, the Center for Collective Intelligence is housed within the Sloan School of Management. But it includes people from MIT’ s computer science department, its brain and cognitive science department, and the Media Lab.’

The conference included “researchers who are trying to solve deep scientific questions such as: What are the conditions that lead groups to become more collectively intelligent instead of, say, collectively stupid?,’ he adds. “The answers to these are theoretical questions can have huge, practical implications. They can, for instance, help companies become more productive and help societies solve their problems more effectively.’