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First Test Run of Smart Enclosed Motorcycle

Lit Motor’s innovative, gyro stabilised, fully eclosed motorcycle has just had its first test drive under power. Daniel Kim, Lit Motors’ founder and CEO made the test drive himself using the company’s very early first stage prototype of the new vehicle, to be branded as the C1. Although there is still a lot of progress to be made, the test drive has demonstrated that the idea has merit and that the C1 is a viable concept that can be come a huge commerical success and a very important component in improving traffic conditions and road safety in the smart cities of the near future.

The C1 retains all the advantages of a motorcycle -less fuel, more maneuverability, less parking space required- while eliminating the main disadvantages of 2-wheelers, namely exposure to harsh weather and increased risk of bodily harm in case of an accident. The C1 is an electric, fully enclosed motorcycle that uses  an electronically-controlled gyroscopic stabilizing system to stay upright when stopped, or even when struck from the side in an accident.

Furthermore, as with many existing newer cars, the vehicle will also utilise various connectivity protocols to stay in contact with the internet. This will allow its driver to be continuously aware of factors such as traffic, construction, and adverse weather conditions – where applicable, alternate routes will be suggested. These features mean that the C1 can become an integral component in the smart cities of the near future, being connected to the smart traffic networks.

As the recent test run has demonstrated, this futuristic concept is very close to becoming a reality.  Plans call for an initial run of production vehicles to be available at a price of about US$24,000 by late 2013, with that price going down to $16,000 once full production gets under way in 2014.

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