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A Map Of NYC’ s Booming Startup Scene

The Made in NY Digital Map is a visual testament to the vibrant state of New York’s digital industry – showing a powerful constellation of over 500 homegrown startups, investors and coworking spaces across the five boroughs.

Browse by neighborhood, review job postings, or add your own startup to the digital landscape – the Made in NY Map is a living resource that reflects New York City’s dynamic innovation ecosystem.

New York City’s digital industry is thriving and growing, underscoring Mayor Bloomberg’s commitment to further strengthening New York City as a global hub for innovation. With the support of startups as an administration priority, a host of City government organizations including the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) and the Department of Small Business Services work together to ensure that New York City is the best place to launch and grow new businesses, attract talent, and create value.

Today New York City continues to surpass Boston, MA as the second-highest ranked U.S. city to attract venture capital. The City recognizes that a growing digital sector is crucial to a healthy and diverse economy and seeks to facilitate a vibrant environment by supporting the needs of technology entrepreneurs.

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Via Fast Company Co.DESIGN – Infographic: A Map Of NYC’ s Booming Startup Scene