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From Sustainable to Evolvable Cities

Arup published a series of Thoughts, “From sustainable to evolvable”, which explores the idea of ecology, as a metaphor and technology that underpins the practice of complexity, to create a qualitatively different experience of the city ‘“ one that can change and adapt to altering circumstances.

Can ideas inspired by ecology and biology create a different kind of city experience ‘“ one that can adapt to changing circumstances? Arup is offering a series of posts guest-edited by Rachel Armstrong and leading thinkers and proponents for change in the field of architecture and urban design.

Thought leaders in thinking differently (Stuart Kauffman) (Arne Hendriks) (Koert Van Mensvoort) (Peter Head) offer new perspectives on possible futures. The importance of supportive infrastructures are proposed in the work of (Bruce Sterling) (Neil Spiller) (Steve Jurvetson) within which new technologies (Jan Wurm) (Ricki Tsui) can thrive. The resultant possible future cities venture beyond the closed loops of sustainability and are open to changing contexts – not only in terms of their economies and organisational frameworks (Hannes Kung) but also in their materiality. Ultimately these cities will be agile, evolvable and have the capacity to deal with the unforeseen ‘“ just like nature can.

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