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Smart Cities open Opportunities for Construction

The global drive to invest in Smart Cities opens new opportunities for the contruction sector, especially in particular areas. Despite the reduction of public infrastructure spending there are other areas of smart development that can provide great opportunities for construction, which has a major role to play in the implementation of smart city plans, including high-tech traffic-management systems, electric vehicles and more.

Pike Research, a market research and consulting firm based in Colorado has recently  released new numbers that show intelligent-transportation systems will grow, totaling $13.1 billion between 2011 and 2017. More specifically, the company’s report  points to four key sectors that fall within smart-transportation systems including: traffic-management systems, smart charging for plug-in electric vehicles, public transportation systems, and vehicle-to-vehicle systems.

Therefore, for the construction sector,  the area of highest investment will be smart transportation or traffic-management systems, which includes adaptive signaling. Pike Research says by the end of 2017, these systems will be ubiquitous within virtually every major city, thus opening opportunities for construction companies on highway and road-contruction projects as well as on the entire infrastructure requires for smart and energy-efficient transportation.  It will be interesting to watch as the technologies continue to advance and more cities implement the intelligent-transportation systems.

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