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Telvent Implements its technology for smart cities in China

Telvent GIT, S.A., a leading real-time IT solutions and information provider for a sustainable world, announced that they are working together with the Chinese cities of Nanning, Fushun and Erdos to transform the way these major cities are managed. The company will implement its SmartMobility technology aimed at intelligent urban and mobility management to enable local authorities to make the most of their road infrastructures. These cities are expected to lower the current number of traffic delays by over 35% and the inner-city commute rate is anticipated to drop by around 15%.

Telvent is going to work on centralizing real-time traffic infrastructure management and control for these cities. Operators will gain efficiency in responding more rapidly to any incident or emergency situation occurring throughout the road network. Citizens and users will benefit from heightened security, in addition to a reduction in the amount of time they spend on daily travel by having access to real-time, valuable information on traffic conditions. These advantages will also result in enhanced quality of life for citizens. Efforts focused on optimizing urban mobility will have a positive impact on reducing pollution levels by over 10% and lead to smoother traffic flow.

Envisaged collaboration also includes the implementation of a variety of systems geared towards reducing present road accident rates. This will involve red-light violation control systems and video surveillance and speed measurement systems that will monitor the traffic situation across the metropolitan area.

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