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Book: Open Government Data

This book, authored by Joshua Tauberer, is the culmination of several years of thinking about the principles behind the open government data movement in the United States. In the pages within, the author frames the movement as the application of Big Data to civics. Topics include principles, uses for transparency and civic engagement, a brief legal history, data quality, civic hacking, and paradoxes in transparency.

Joshua Tauberer is the creator of the Congress-tracking tool GovTrack.us, which launched in 2004 and spurred the USA open government data community. He was also a co-founder of POPVOX, a platform for advocacy.

Table of Contents

1. Big Data Meets Open Government
2. Civic Hacking By Example
3. Applications to Open Government
4. A Brief Legal History of Open Government Data
5. Principles of Open Government Data
6. Paradoxes in Open Government
7. Example Policy Language

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