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Urban Anthologies

Urban Anthologies is a series of booklets showcasing transformational models of infrastructure and urban development. The series is a user-friendly tool, designed to equip mayors and other private sector leaders with the information necessary to transform their own communities and ignite further dialogue.

The World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Urban Development in 2011 ‘” 2012 sought to highlight some of the new models of city-making for the benefit of urban leaders across the world. To this end, the Council developed Urban Anthologies: Learning from Our Cities.

The success stories in Urban Anthologies are drawn from cities and communities of varying typologies across the world’”from mature cities, to fast-growing ones, to cities dealing with economic transition, to new greenfield cities. They focus on the critical interventions, applied technologies, key performance outcome measures, local governance, and creative processes that will be good for people and the planet alike. Each story was selected for its proven impact, replicability, and scalability.

Urban Anthologies has been created in collaboration with MIT School of Architecture + Planning & Senseable City Lab